Thursday, May 7, 2009

New England Islands Cruise 2008 Index Page

The New England Islands Cruise 2008 blog journal reads from most recent to oldest, if downloaded using the New England 2008 label tag. We have created this index page to enable the reader to peruse the postings in chronological order, and to read each posting as a separate Web page. Just click the links below, to access the individual posts:

Preliminary Planning For The Trip

Pre-Cruise Day 1 in Downtown Providence

Pre-Cruise Day 2 in Providence Neighborhoods

Pre-Cruise Day 3 in Providence-Excursion to Bristol, RI

American Spirit Features and Daily Routine

Day 1: Boarding the American Spirit

Day 2: New Bedford, MA

Day 3: Nantucket, MA

Day 4: Martha's Vineyard, MA

Day 5: Bristol, RI

Day 6: Newport, RI

Day 7: Extra Day in Newport

Day 8: Return to Providence, RISD Gala Opening

Wrap Up of Our Cruise Experience

Post Cruise Day in Providence: Afternoon with the Ewens

Note: the Bristol, RI postings were combined into one installment for convenience.

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