Wednesday, July 4, 2018


Walkabout Australia is the newest addition to the San Diego Safari Park.
It is designed to represent Australia’s rural landscapes, animals, plants and signs of human habitats along back country roads.
 One walks along a path in a grassy habitat where one may encounter gray kangaroos and red-necked wallabies.

A stream flows into a large pond where one may find magpie geese.
There is a large Zuest Station building to represent the wool sheep shearing sheds found on many of Australia’s sheep ranches.  Techniques of wool processing are exhibited. Snacks are available as well. 
Future  additions to the exhibit will include the Cassowary bird and other Australian inhabitants.
Nearby attractions include the Condor Ridge with Condors and a few other birds along the trail.

There is a good view of the Safari Park from an overlook.


Friday, May 18, 2018


My family treated me to a special birthday dinner at Juniper and Ivy which is located at the north day of Little Italy.  The menu features many small plates which are fun to share with a group .


Nancy Lorenz: Moon Gold is the first major solo museum exhibition to showcase the art and alchemy of New York-based Nancy Lorenz. Having trained in the conservation of Japanese decorative arts, Lorenz continues to employ traditional lacquering and gilding techniques as points of departure in her studio practice. This collaboration with the Museum will features new works by the artist inspired by Japanese masterpieces from the permanent collection.
Among the painted works in the exhibition will be what Lorenz calls Pours, abstract compositions involving gestural applications of water-gilded gesso. Varying in scale, these paintings turn on the tension between arid fields of pigment and sumptuous cascades of gold, silver, and platinum. More intimate, though no less beguiling, will be a group of decadently adorned boxes.
Elsewhere, corrugated cardboard is transformed into a ground for gilding. Abstract scratches and striations coalesce into a landscape composition, an evocation of sea, sky, and slanting rain. This motif, studied from nature in the artist’s sketchbooks, remains a recurring theme in paintings large and small, and in the panels that together form folding screens.

We also visited a gallery at the art museum that featured paintings by American artists.
Portrait of Mrs. Henri by Robert Henri

painted by Mary Cassalt
Below the Towers of Towers Falls, Yellowstone Park  by Thomas Morgan

                                   A bougainvillea in full bloom near the Museum of Art.

Thursday, May 17, 2018


Africa Rocks spotlights the animal and plant diversity on the African continent and is the newest experience at the zoo.  The area is divided into several geographical sections.
Colorful drought resistant flowering ground cover plant in Africa Rocks
Closer look

We saw a Bateleur Eagle at the top of the Africa Rocks canyon.

The Hyraxes live in rock formations.  Their footpads act like suction cups to help get a grip.  They are related to the elephant!

Hamadryas Baboon

The baboon exhibit has the largest area with a good part of the canyon forming the Ethiopian Highlands section.  The Hamadryas Baboons have a large group that stays together and spends the day foraging. 

The Nubian Ibex are known for their impressive horns and are members of the goat family.  

Ring-tailed lemur

   Several species of lemurs are in the Madagascar forest section.  

West African Crocodiles are found in West African forests. How to tell a crocodile from an Alligator?  Crocodiles have a V shaped snout and alligators have a U shped snout.

      The Acacia woodland is a haven for many animal species. Monkeys use the trees and scamper on the ground, birds perch and nest among the branch canopies and big cats lounge in the shade.
      A large aviary is part of the Acacia woodland.  Some of the featured birds include bee-eaters and the black-headed weaver.  The weaver builds  a hanging nest that it hovers around to attract a female.
Black Headed Weaver
     The Fischer’s Lovebirds have green backs with orange heads and a flaming red beak.
This colorful bird caught our attention
  An African Pygmy Goose is nestled in a large bowl.

A leopard is resting in the Acacia woodland of the African savanna
Cape Fynbos is located on the South Africa coast where the African Penguins live.  In this enclosure at the bottom of the canyon they enjoy a large pool and a rocky beach.  

Saturday, April 28, 2018



Every year Southern California welcomes in the spring season with a very special attraction - The Flower Fields® at Carlsbad Ranch one of the most unique attractions in Southern California and an annual rite of passage into spring; drawing more than 100,000 visitors annually. The Flower Fields® is a 50-acre dazzling rainbow of beautiful ranunculus flowers set on a hillside that overlooks the striking Carlsbad, California coastline.
         A leisurely stroll along the pathways of The Flower Fields from March 1st through Mother’s Day provides one with the opportunity to experience colorful bands of ranunculus flowers up close, and to enjoy the breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean.  There are also  various themed gardens. weather. Picnic tables are provided on site.
         A group in our P.E.O.  Chapter visited here in April 2018
Riding the truck wagon to view the flowers