Monday, May 4, 2009

OAT Japan 2009 Index Page

The OAT Japan 2009 blog journal reads from most recent to oldest, if downloaded using the OAT Japan 2009 label tag. We have created this index page to enable the reader to peruse the postings in chronological order, and to read each posting as a separate Web page. Just click the links below, to access the individual posts:

Preliminary Planning For the Trip

March 18-20: Transition Time, California to Tokyo

March 21: Day in Tokyo

March 22: Tokyo to Gora, Hakone

March 23: Day Trip from Gora, Hakone

March 24: Hakone to Kanazawa

March 25: Day in Kanazawa

March 26: Excursion to Shirakawa-go & Gokayama

March 27: Kanazawa to Kyoto

March 28: First Full Day in Kyoto

March 29: Excursion to Nara and Fushimi-ku

March 30: Second Full Day in Kyoto

March 31: Arashiyama and Other Kyoto Highlights

April 1: The 48-Hour Return Home

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