Sunday, April 29, 2012


Safari Park visit during Spring of 2012

The San Diego Zoo Safari Park, formerly known as the San Diego Wild Animal Park is near Escondido.  One of the first features is a replica of a Congo Fishing village.  

Some of the largest exhibits are open air enclosures covering over 300 acres.   Visitors can view various plains habitats from Asia to Africa.

We took the Africa tram tour to observe animals in the naturalistic enclosures

The African Plains represent many regions and habitats.  East Africa displays Cape buffalo, Southern white rhinoceros and Ugandan giraffe
One can  ride a safari truck into the field exhibits for a fee and have a chance to even feed the giraffes.

There are good opportunities to see the giraffes at close range.

The park has extensive botanical gardens many of which are their own attractions separate from the animal exhibits.


We heard stories about the elephant herd from a viewing patio

Some of the African elephant herd were rescued from Swaziland in 2003 due to overpopulation and since then there have been several births.

This young elephant was enjoying long sips of water from the pool close to the viewing area.

We found that some parts of the park were closed for construction of future exhibits in progress.

Later we went on to nearby Orfila Winery.  It was a perfect day to enjoy the outdoors at one of their picnic tables for wine tasting accompanied with a variety of snacks.