Wednesday, July 27, 2016


During the summer in San Diego it is enjoyable to attend the Monday Night Spreckels organ concerts in Balboa Park to hear the world's largest outdoor organ.  We attended this one on July 18.
Passing out programs
Carol Williams, civic organist, introdues  Darryl  Robinson
Daryl Robinson at the organ

Guest organist Daryl Robinson 

Jason Ginter 
Jason is the principle timpanist for the San Diego Symphony
They are playing a Bolero

The moon on a cloudless night

The lighting director does for the eye what the organ does for the ear

Sunday, July 24, 2016


  •  Juan Cabrillo discovered the area where Old Town is today in 1543. In 1602 Sebastian Vizcano named it San Diego de Alcala.  A military post was established on Presidio Hill.

    By 1820 a small pueblo was developed below the Presidio using adobe bricks to build the homes.   Fiestas were held in the plaza.

    By 1846 the U.S. declared war on Mexico and a new constitution was written in 1849 and California was a state in 1850.  By then the American flag was raised in the plaza and San Diego was incorporated as a city.
    From 1868-1874 the San Antonio and San Diego Mail Line stage coaches came through San Diego.
    There were a series of misfortunes with fire, floods a severe earthquake.  In 1907 Spreckles bought the remains of  La Casa de Estudillo and started to restore Old Town

    Paul and I visited several of the restored adobe buildings around the plaza.  Many have small museums with docents who tell stories about the early history.  Some of the buildings are used for shops with merchants in period costume who provide a  peak into what life was like in the 1800’s. 
    The cigar shop had an interesting collection of historic pipes.

    The Wells Fargo Museum had early coins, a stage coach and mail route maps- click photo for details

    La Casa de Estudillo is a fine example of a home of a leading family of that era.  It  was built by Jose Estudillo with an inner courtyard with bedrooms,  servants quarters, a kitchen, storage rooms, a living and dining room and a chapel.  It was the social and religious center during the Mexican and early American periods.

    The docent at the blacksmith shop had many tools to demonstrate            


We had a good overview from the pier

This is an annual event in Imperial Beach that includes a swim & paddle at the  pier, a 3 K run, a Zumba demonstration, a parade and a fun zone for the kids in addition to the main event which is the sand sculpture competition.  Just sand, water and tools are used to pack sand into castles, whimsical creatures and buildings.  Some themes  included peace, Alice in Wonderland characters, castles, astronauts and whimsical fish. The Spirit of Imperial Beach bronze sculpture depicts the dual theme of surfing and sand castles.

There were food trucks and booths in the area so Paul and I bought  hot dogs from a Boy Scout troop and enjoyed lunch at one of the tables under some palm trees near the beach.  
 A band playing nearby for music entertainment. It was a fun way to spend a summer day.