Saturday, May 28, 2016


         Paul and I visited the Birch Aquarium with displays of local sea life in San Diego.  Some exhibits also include fish in the ocean off of Baja California coast. 
           Another exhibit area features the effect of climate change on coral and other plant life with increasing water acidity along with other ocean science research
           There are also outdoor pools that mimic tide pools where one can touch the invertebrates and fish.

Local Girabaldi

Lion fish

Sea Dragon


 During Paul’s visit we took the bus tour of the San Diego Zoo.  It gives a complete overview of all the  exhibits along with an informative narration.

Often the animals perk up when a bus comes by, hoping to get a treat from the driver.

Later we walked around to see some of the exhibits 
close up.

Getting up front and close

Baby gets a free ride

Nothing like getting right in the dish for a snack


            Paul came for a visit In San Diego in April 2016.  He joined Ray and me for a visit to Safari Park. 

 It was Butterfly Jungle time there  when several dozen butterfly species are let loose by the thousands in an aviary.  A Common Blue Morpho is one of the most spectacular.  

We also visited the Tiger Trail that is the new home for the Sumatran tigers that are along a trail that leads to an Indonesian longhouse.

Later we visited the Orfila Winery for wine tasting and to enjoy the view of the Escondido countryside.