Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wrap Up of Our Cruise Experience

We were impressed with American Cruise Lines, and based on our experience, we would recommend it highly, especially to a “mature” clientele.

We have already praised the excellent food and attentive service of the staff. As noted previously, the American Spirit offered the ambiance of a small floating resort, without the noisy distraction of an on-board casino or disco.

Sandy Balla, the guest lecturer, was a real asset. She was extremely knowledgeable about New England history and architecture, and was an excellent communicator. We learned a great deal from her.

Also noteworthy was the good judgment exhibited by the Captain and crew. They had to respond to some severe weather challenges posed by Hurricane Kyle, by putting into Newport Harbor for an extra day for safety, and eliminating Block Island from the itinerary. Kudos also to the American Cruise Lines representative who hailed a taxi when our complimentary shuttle van failed to show. It’s paying attention to small details such as this that make American Cruise Lines special.

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