Saturday, October 29, 2011



Ed and I were part of a DayTripper group that  enjoyed a Chinese lunch in Irvine before visiting the Bowers museum. 
                                                                                                                                                                              This exhibition focused on the underworld empires of three dynasties in China: the Qin, the Han and the Tang. The highlight featured several life-size terra cotta warriors that were to protect Qin Shihuangdi ,the first emperor of China.  They are examples of more than a 1,000 clay warriors that have been excavated in Xian since they were discovered in 1974 of an estimated 8,000 that were buried.   Originally they had painted garments. Chariots and hundreds of terra cotta horses were also buried to accompany the emperor in the afterlife.  Miniature statues and earthenware animals accompanied Han emperors.  Many treasures of gold, silver and glass  that accompanied the Tang  rulers and elite were also on display.

The museum also has a large collection of Native American Art and exhibits of Orange County history.


Saturday, October 15, 2011



Members of the the La Jolla Village Garden Club enjoyed a day trip in October by bus to the Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens in San Marino.  The focus was garden tours led by docents with some time left to see some of the art collection and library.
The Botanical Gardens cover over 120 acres with more than a dozen gardens. 


The hightlight was the Chinese garden, known as The Garden of Flowing Fragrance, which features a lake, a complex of pavilions, a teahouse and five stone bridges. The design was inspired by private gardens in Suzhou, China.  Chinese architecture and rocks surround a lake with layers of meaning and symbolism. Water symbolizes the ever changing and the rocks are the eternal.   Intricately  crafted lattice windows in some of the pavilions frame an object or scene.  Carvings adorn some of the walls. Certain plants represent various seasons with flowering trees in the spring and bamboo and pines in the winter.

Other important botanical attractions that were visited included the Subtropical, Jungle, Palm, Rose and Desert gardens.

Our garden group also enjoyed lunch at the Rose Garden Tea House that featured scones, an assortment of tea sandwiches, salads and assorted little dessert treats.

A brief look at the art collection in the Huntington residence included the large portrait gallery that features Blue Boy and Pinkie.

An example of the Sevres porcelain used for potpourri is shown.                                                              
                            One of the highlights in the Library is the Gutenberg Bible                                                                 

A last look at the terrace of the Huntington residence to complete the day visiting the gardens and art galleries.