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Pelican  Brass statue Pelican Brown    

The ballad was written by Jan Phillips and is accompanied by a sculpture of a pelican wearing a vest. The sculpture is by T.J. Dixon and James Nelson. Crystal Pier is the name of the pier adjacent to this Lifeguard Station. Pacific Beach is usually shortened to the term P.B. by the locals and tourists.
The text of the poem is on a plaque attached to the Pacific Beach Lifeguard Station.
It reads:

"The Ballad of P.B.

Pelican Brown was in search of a home
where he could have fun and relax
he looked for a beach that was pretty
and a sea that was swimming with snacks.

He flew up and down the long coastline
looking both far and quite near
then one day he knew he had found it
when his eyes saw the great Crystal Pier.

On the end was a big crystal ballroom
dancers came from all over the west
and since Pelican Brown loved to tango
he dressed up in his best velvet vest.

He fit right in with the others
tangoed many a night until dawn
Pelican Brown loved the beat of the music
and danced until the others were gone.

Then he's fly out and find him some breakfast
the happiest bird all around
and everyone loved when they looked up
and caught sight of Pelican Brown.

The dancing bird soon became famous
people came from all over to see
the great crystal ballroom and dance hall
and the pelican known as P.B.

Poem by Jan Phillips copywright Jan Phillips
Concept and sculpture by T.J. Dixon & James Nelson"

Crystal Pier
 It is the only pier on the California coast to have cottages for short term rent.

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