Thursday, September 8, 2016


Two events took place on the embarcadero of San Diego Bay during Labor Day
The Festival of Sail is an annual celebration of tall ships  which takes place at the Maritime Museum of San Diego during the Labor Day weekend. This year it included 19 ships from several West coast locations.  It is the largest tall ship festival on the west coast.  The festivities included some mock cannon battles.

The Californian was built in 1984 at Spanish Landing in San Diego Bay and was launched with great fanfare for the 1984 Summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles. In July 2003, the Governor signed a bill into law designating the California as the official tall ship of the Sate of California.  She is the only ship to carry this title. It is a replica of the 1847 Revenue Cutter C.W. Lawrence, which patrolled the coast of California enforcing federal law during the gold rush.

Another festival ship was the Claudia built in Norway
The San Salvador is a replica built recently at the Maritime Museum of the original that arrived in San Diego in 1542 under the command of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo which is considered the founding ship of San Diego and the Sate of California.

One of several mock battles

Another ship was The bill of Rights, a Gaff
topsail schooner constructed in 1971 in South Bristol, Maine.

The Star of India is the world's oldest active sailing ship on the Isle of Man in 1863.  The ship is one of the permanent ships at the Maritime museum

Watching all the activities

View from the embarcadero

Another event on the waterfront near the Maritime Museum was the U.S.  Sand Sculpting Challenge on the B Street Pier with participating artists from around  the world.

Nostalgia by Ilya Filimontsev of Moscow won 1st place

Alpha Waves by Fergus Mulvaney of Dublin Ireland won 2nd place 

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