Sunday, March 24, 2013


            This trip with DayTripper tours began with a stop at Dudley’s Bakery in Santa Isabel with the opportunity to buy fresh baked breads and baked goods.  Nearby apple trees were in bloom. Then it was on to Julian for a stop with time for lunch on our own.  The first sight one sees approaching Julian this time of the year in March are the yellow daffodils that are in full bloom covering the hillsides or tucked in crevices throughout the town.  We had time to visit the local museum that is crammed with artifacts from lace to mining equipment.  We found the Julian Café was full so we chose the Cowbella Ranch cafe  that was just right for a hamburger and chili dog.  
We just had time for some sampling of cinder and snacks at the Cider Mill before it was time to board the bus for Borrego Springs. 

In recent years  a new feature has been added to Borrego springs by artist Ricarado Breceda of giant metal sculptures portraying prehistoric creatures.  Dennis Avery, land owner of Galleta Meadows Estates had the vision of using his land as an enormous outdoor gallery, home to Breceda’s work.. There are 129 metal sculptures scattered throughout Borrego Springs. Several stops were made to see the variety of animal sculptures.

A quick stop was made at a fruit stand where I bought a bag of sweet, juicy pink grapefruit. Due to the limited rainfall this Spring there were not many wildflowers in bloom in the desert but we did see several varieties blooming around the Interpretive Center and Museum.  A film about the seasons of Borrego was a good documentary on the plants and animals of the region.  We were fortunate to have good weather day.  It was mild in the  mountains and just a pleasant warm day in the desert. The last stop for the day was made at Santa Isabel again to pick up pie orders that many  had selected earlier in the day.  We chose a boysenberry-apple one that was perfect for desert after dinner.  We have an Irish dinner at my house with a curry soup, corned beef, Colcannon made with mashed potato and kale,  asparagus and apple nut bread from Dudley’s bakery. Then it was on to Ed’s house for apple berry pie that we had bought at the Julian Bakery Company while watching the movie Argo on DVD.  It was a full and interesting day. 

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