Saturday, September 29, 2012


The Mingei museum sponsored a visit to the historic home of the late Sam Maloof who is described by the Smithsonian Institution as “ American’s most renowned contemporary furniture craftsman."  He was the son of Lebanese parents.  

We took  a guided tour  through the 22 rooms that Maloof crafted over a period of four decades.  The home is filled with Maloof furniture as well as  an extensive collection fo Native American art and post-World War II arts and crafts that he and his wife Alfreda gathered over the years. 

Outside the book store.

Part of the woodcraft shop.

 Sam designed rocking chairs, tables and cradles that were highly sanded and polished to enhance the beauty of the wood from the 1950s into the 21st century.

 A tree shaded patio was a lovely place to enjoy our catered box lunches.  One can explore the garden that Sam's second wife Beverly developed with drought tolerant California native and Mediterranean plants.

Later in the afternoon a stop was made at the Ponte winery in Temecula Valley for  a tour of the winery and wine tasting from a list of  a good number of white and red wines including some Italian varietals like Sangiovese, Moscato and Primitive (which is Zinfandel in Calif.)  The 300 acre vineyard was started by the Ponte family from Italy and includes a large tasting room, a restaurant and most recently they added a boutique hotel.

   The tour started at an outdoor area with the fermenting tanks that are well insulated for all weather temperatures.  A stone building serves as a barrel room where a table is always set up for private parties. 

The vineyard and mountain views are visible from the gardens around the restaurant and tasting room.

Part of the inn is visible on the right.

This completed a very interesitng and pleasant day trip.

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