Monday, July 16, 2012


The Buena Creek Gardens site was homesteaded in 1896 by Rudolf Aumann, who perhaps planted the California Pepper tree that welcomes visitors to the gardens.  In 1970, the property was cleared for an iris farm and later hybrid daylilies were added.  Most of the largest trees in the gardens were planted in the 1980s. In 1988 it was developed into a retail rare plant nursery and named Buena Creek Gardens. In 1996 the business was sold and since then field plantings have been replaced by new display gardens and nursery areas. 

More than a garden, and more than a nursery, Buena Creek Gardens is above all a beautiful, happy and peaceful place to visit. Here, the natural world takes center stage.

Several members of P.E.O. Chapter LV enjoyed a picnic lunch before exploring the winding pathways of the gardens with many rare and drought resistant plants under several large shade trees. In addition to the plants are unusual pots and interesting garden decorations

Part of our group exploring one of the may pathways

These birds are part of the garden too!

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