Monday, February 20, 2012

San Pasqual Winery

On Feb. 18th,  I volunteered to help at San Pasqual winery in Pacific Beach which is basically a warehouse where the wine is stored in barrels and vats for fermenting.  They have a tasting room in  La Mesa.  I helped with wine bottling. 
After a lot of cleaning of equipment with disinfectant, the wine was pumped from 4 barrels through a filter system and then into a huge plastic vat almost ceiling high.  The wine was then pumped to the dispenser apparatus that had a large tank over 6 spigots.  Argon gas was squirted into the empty bottles before being filled.  After being filled the bottles were moved to a person operating the corking machine.   The bottles were then packed into cases to be labeled later.  We took a lunch break with wine tasting.   All the helpers were given some bottles of wine. I will be using 2 for the Altrusa Fashion show raffle coming up in  April and saving the other 2 for special occasions.
Below the photo shows the cork machine
 and the filling machine on the right

The photo on the right shows three  of
San Pasqual's award winning wines with their summer vine passion fruit wine,
Nebbiolo and the Cabbiolo which was the one we bottled on the 18th. It won a silver medal at the San Diego International Wine
Competition in 2012.

Some new barrels at the warehouse

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